Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Nettle pattern below is a 2017 pattern, so in a little more detailed for you all

I first made mesh Scarves in 2012 here are 3 versions of the 2012 mesh stitch patterns


Again using a beige random dyed sock yarn, worked with 4 plain dk's in cream, beige, tan and brown 
5mm hook

Row 1:chainless foundation or ch40 plus 2
ROW 2: 2dc, ch2, miss 2 sts,  2dc, ch2 mis 2 sts repeat to end, 2 chain turn
ROW 3: sc in every stitch turn.
ROW 4: repeat row 2 making sure the 2dc is exactly above the 2dc on previous row, and making a square mess pattern

Alpaca dk 
4mm hook
Aran weight made from working a sock yarn together with a space dyed pink dk
5mm hook

Row 1: ch40 +2 turn
Row 2: hdc in every st, turn
Row 3: ch3, 1tr in next st, ch2 miss 2 sts, 1tr in next 2 sts, ch2, miss 2 sts, repeat to end
Row 4: repeat row 2.
continue to repeat rows 2 and 3 until the scarf is at least 6' long

An experiment piece for the yarn so there will be an update to this pattern

Nettle yarn
4mm hook, bigger than recommended
US Terms 

This mess pattern repeat is multiples of 4sts +2
For the Netle scarf I'm doing 46 for the mesh and another 4sts for the flower stem.
Make a small flower
finger wrap of 10 wraps, 
ROUND 1: 14sc into circle
ROUND 2: ch2, dc into fist st, dc, ch2, sl st into same st, sl st, into next st, repeat for the next 6 petals, sl st, to complete

 thats 46sts for the mess and a few extra ch sts for the stem of the flower using this method you don't need to be completely accurate with your base chain as the 'stem' sts can varies by a couple of stitches.
ROW 1: ch2,  hdc, in 2nd st, from hook, hdc, in next 44sts, turn,[46hdc]
ROW 2: Ch3, counts as first tr, tr in next st, ch 2, miss 2sts, repeat to end, finish with 1tr in last 2 sts, turn. [11 mesh spa, 12 mesh bars]

ROW 3: ch1, hdc in first 2sts, above the tr, 2hdc into ch2 sp, repeat to end, turn. [46hdc]

ROW 4: Repeat row 2, make sure your stitches line up about each other, tr, above tr. 

ROW 5: repeat row 3

continue to repeat rows 2 and 3 until the length required.

Not a cheap yarn but not a really expensive one either, this brand was £6.45 for 50g.
It's 180m so it should go quite a long way especially using the very open mesh stitch scarf pattern [update to come]
Nettle yarn, crochets well, feel quite soft and has a slightly waxy sort of feel to it too, [will update after a wash] with this mesh pattern it feels delicate and very feminine in the treble mess st. and for me a huge change of direction as i'm a usually an Aran weight lover not some one who works with delicate yarns. 
Fear of such a lovely yarn and cost are probably two reasons for the delicate pattern choice. lol 
Updates to come.

Mesh stitch Scarves are great for layering with flowers.


Space Dyed Aran 
5mm hook
US Terms

Row 1: sc in every st turn
Row 2: ch1, sc in every st, turn
Row 3: ch 3 counts as first tr, tr in next 2 sts, ch3 miss 3 sts, tr in next 3 sts, ch3 miss 3 sts, repeat to end, finish with a tr in last 3 sts, turn
Round 4: sc in first 3 sts, 3 sc over ch sp, sc in next 3 sts, 3sc over ch sp, repeat to end, turn
Round 5: repeat round 3.
Round 6: repeat round 4
continue to repeat rounds 3 and 4 until scarf is the length you require, but at least 6' long

Monday, 21 August 2017


Rule of 12 solid square blanket: the centre is now complete just a border to add, i used 2balls x 150g random dyed Aran yarn and
approx. 400g of Aran in a stone tweed colour to join them all together

link to rule of 12 posts and pattern 

Do you buy ethical yarns, do you even know and understand about ethical yarns?
I know a little and was horrified to see some of the practises from yarn manufacture. But where to stop with ethics? Cruelty to animals or people? Planetary concerns? People/company ethics?
Where do you stop? A personal decision for everyone to make...
 It's definitely a minefield of considerations

In town on Saturday i paid a visit to our own local ethical yarn company.

Based in our fabulous Market Hall in Shrewsbury and they have their own flock too

Ewe and Ply are a relatively new local yarn shop, doing well I presume as they have already moved to a bigger stall so there is room to enter the well stocked space, chat and squish away. 
They have a get together on the first Saturday of the month, 2nd September is the next one.

Some yarn brands I knew and some I didn't.
Some expensive and some not.

Love the idea of a crochet project from the SHROPSHIRE PLY,  their own flock, can't wait for the new 2017 wool to be spun and the new stock to be on the shelves shortly.
Shropshire Ply click for more info.

I bought a couple of the Shropshire Ply Legends from 2016 stock in 2 colours and i quote....
"Guinevere is blues (a very Medieval colour for women) and
Perceival the forest born knight is the green, pure of heart and the original finder of the Grail."
Beautiful to crochet with on its own or mixed with my favourite Alpaca yarns, to give me my favourite weight of yarn Aran and enable the use of my favourite 5mm hook

Such though has gone into their yarns, the ethics and the sourcing, it's defintely made me think a little harder about the ethics of my yarn use.

And i  now know where i can get a fabulous range of Alpaca from they stock the complete range of Drops Alpaca...

The alpaca fiber is untreated, which means that it is only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing.

Check out their site for Ethical info...was very pleased to see my favourite Clover hooks are OK..Phew! no idea what i would have done if they weren't?

I'm not a yarn snob, and will use anything i like the look of and works for me, but in the future i will be a little m0re aware of the production of yarns and where they come from 

Worth reading, one or two of the many features on Ethical yarns

Friday, 18 August 2017

NEW YARNS and the SOLID JOIN blanket update

And a link tot the Solid rule of 12 joining pattern

using the 4th round in Aran colour and the join round in black another variation is created....

 with a tiny centre flower detail

The first solid rule of 12 blanket progress...
5 Rows done and 3 to go almost there

 7 x 8 rows 

Thursday, 17 August 2017


Creating your own yarn range above picture
using several colours of dk in plain colours and this Rainbow yarn that i have a lot of but couldn't find a project to make with it until now...

for the Solid rule of 12 circles and join

I am half way with the join a row every morning so it should be joined together by early next week...
Then an unusual border to be added i think 
 Final decision was to make a blanket 7 x 8 rows that will measure 
approx. 39" x 44.5" [99cm x 113cm]

final layout for 2 balls of yarn will very little left over so if i want any of the purple/pink yarn in the border i will need a 3rd ball 2 x150g balls has made 56 circles

Progress on the create your own yarn range...
Decided on the join an open lacy version so probably best for a decorative coverlet or another wrap...?

 Open, decorative and secondary pattern for the Lacy join

 with the additional chain stitch decoration...

 .....a round of crochet chain stitches added to each of the circles in this blanket, matched to the plain yarn used in each...
the rainbow yarn is the same in each, but each circle has a different dk plain colour, some picked from the colours in the rainbow yarn and some different.

Work the plain and dk rainbow yarn together as one with a 5mm hook
 The rainbow yarn...but any mixed colour yarn would work with this method of creating your own yarn range...have a go. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

NEW YARNS...How to create a range of your own colours

Unused yarn?..... do you have a yarn you loved, bought and then didn't know what to make with it? 

Several balls of this multi coloured yarn is waiting for just the right project, but nothing i tried worked for me. 
 Decided to mix it with several pain dk yarns to give me several colours of the same yarn, far more useable now. Some work better than others but from one yarn i now have several different colours of a rainbow tweed yarn to play with...another Rule of 12 maybe but with another join method maybe, for now i just making lots of 3 round, Rule of 12 circles and thinking about the join to come..


I have made 64 circles out of 2 balls of the150g Aran weight yarn from Pound Stretcher
Mixing it with 400g Emu Aran 25% wool as the back ground colour..

 I managed to complete all 64 circles yesterday and 2 Rows joined so far, i worked like a mad person yesterday so i didn't need to think too much about how sad I felt,
 a very sad day yesterday.....

 RIP Lettuce, you will be so missed XX