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Thomas B Ramsden Yarns

Friday, 24 July 2015

Amelia Box..complete pattern


Belinda Flower new pattern

Amelia Flower below
 Yesterday I played with an old Christmas Decoration I designed in 2013....
and came up with a new design I'm calling
 I played with colour and joining 4 together 

 I added a fill-in motif for the large hole that was created when 4 Amelia's were joined together

 I have been modifying two of the original Christmas Decorations...
the four point and the 6point the new 'Amelia Flower' came from the 4 point

6Point Christmas Decoration has become the
'Belinda Flower'

 The first option would be great as an individual flower with 6 separate petals, but a little crowded and not easy to join together.
 Flower mark 1.

Amelia and Belinda mark 1 below similar size
 Belinda mark 1 would be great as a layered flower...

layered with the Amelia Flower

  A less full version, worked better when joined together

side by side the Belinda mark1 and Belinda final design
 The only difference from the original Christmas decoration is in the 4th round, but they look very different

UK Terms in red
YARN: 4 Colours Cotton supreme
4mm Hook

One finger wrap of 6 wraps.
ROUND 1: cont. in first colour, 12sc [12dc] into the circle wrap, sl st to complete round.

ROUND 2: change colour,2sc [2dc] into every st, sl st to complete round.

ROUND 3: change colour, Start in any st, ch5, 1tr, [1dtr] ch5, into the same st, sc, [dc] into the next 3 sts,
 sl st into the next st and repeat, repeat 4 more times, sl st to finish round.

ROUND 4: change colour, attach yarn into the right hand side ch5 loop, 
2sc [2dc], 2dc [2tr], ch3, 2dc [2tr], all into the righthand side loop, 

 ch5,(point), 2dc, [2tr], ch3, 2dc, [2tr], 2sc [2dc] into the second side ch5 loop, 
 continue straight into the ch5 loop of next petal

repeat for the next 5 'petals', sl st to complete round.

Join as you go using one of the side ch3 loops and the top point ch5 loop, 
on each side and the top ch5 point
the next join as you go will be set into the dip of the first 2 motifs

Thursday, 23 July 2015

CROCHET: Amelia Double Flower motif

Amelia is a 3round, 3colour Double Petal Flower 
UK terms in red
YARN:Wendy Supreme Cotton in 3 colours
HOOK: 4mm hook

First colour, 1finger wrap of 4 wraps or ch4, sl st, into a circle.

ROUND 1: cont. first colour, 2dc [2tr] ch1, 2dc [2tr] ch3, repeat 3 more times, sl st, to complete round.

ROUND 2: new colour, Start in a corner sp, ch7, 2tr [2dtr] ch7, sl st, into the same  corner space, 

miss a st, sc [dc] into the next 3sts, miss a st, sl st, into the next corner sp, repeat 3 more times. sl st to complete round.

ROUND 3: attach new colour in the middle sc st, of the row below,
ch3, 5tr [5dtr] into the first ch loop, ch3
sc [dc] between the 2tr [2dtr] 3ch, 5tr [5dtr] into the second ch loop, ch3,
 sc [dc] into middle sc, [dc]

repeat 3 more times, sl st, to complete round.

This motif can be joined together as an all over design using the 
join as you go method.

Side by side joining of a square motif leaves a large hole, now I love holes but not holes quite this big. 

So a fill-in is required...

Fill in pattern for the Large Hole

a one finger wrap of 4 wraps
Round 1: ch2 counts as for dc, 5dc into circle, ch3 sl st into the side of one of the joins ch3, 6dc into circle, miss the next dip, repeat for all sides.
or it could be made into a square or an octagon