Monday, 6 October 2014

Stylecraft Harequin Hat to go with the bag.

A few bits of Harequin left over so making a hat to go with the bag, just incase it's going to get cold this winter...
 and the triangle wool bag is finished...
 complete with handle and drawstring
have to London tomorrow going to be fun!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Stylecraft triangles and a bag going to London with me...

Had a little free time this last couple of days so finished a bag I made back in July/August time...Stylecraft Harequin and 6mm hook
Also part way through a cotton wool bag that is hoping to come with me to London.

I decorated the bag this morning with the same cute Japanese flowers I added to the hook bag.
The Bag is made from one ball of StylecraftHarequin and 6 mm hook.
The flowers from teeny tiny left over balls of the same yarn
How to do the handle
 Lots of triangle blankets been made this last year or so,
in Stylecraft Special, Stylecrft Life, and in Classique Cotton the wool bag......
hope to finish the bag for the show

Cya soon if you are going to the Kniting and Stitch Show at Ally Pally next week.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Thanks again to everyone who bought my Granny Squares book1......

Almost finished Book 2 and Book 3 is already in the planning stage....came across this blog
Cosmos and Cotton this morning,
Haven't asked permission to use her pictures so pop over and take a look at Hannapat's work.

 Thanks for buying the book Hannapat and so pleased you are enjoying the first book
From a quick look this morning I found Hannapat has made the bath mat and the stool cover in her own colours and they both look fabulous

Please if you have made anything from the book let me know I will add you to my blog and post a link to your crochet.....always love to see how the patterns are interpreted by you all.

Thanks again to everyone who is enjoying Book one
And don't forget I will be with the Stylecraft team at the Knitting and stitch show next week if you want a chat or just to say hello

Donna at have the new Stylecraft crochet patterns you are all asking me about and lots more of the Stylecraft patterns too) plus the Sylecraft yarns for sale at a good price,
thanks Donna

Thursday, 4 September 2014

All that Brightly Blooms Rug has returned home to the UK

Made for Homespun Magazine August issue Page 80.
It's home again, over 21,000 miles
I had a few flowers so i've played around with more formal arragements for those hookers who want some variations

all corners
2 corners
or even on the outer edge.
Have fun...made mostly with Stylecraft Life and mixed with a 4ply
Happy Hooking x

Monday, 1 September 2014

Bobble stitch Hexagon throw...another often requested pattern for you all...

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bobble Hexagon Pattern so often requested from 2011.

Please link back to me and my patttern if you use it, thanks
For those that don't know me l'm for the UK but work in USA Terms..they make more sense to me
worked in two strands of DK on a 6mm hook.
But it could be made in one strand and 4 mm hook, but would obviously be smaller and take longer to make and less chunky too.
Bobble Hexagon Pattern
Magic circle to start or 3 chain slip stitch to make circle if you prefer
Round 1: 12 DC into circle (ch2 as first DC) sl st to complete round
Round 2: 24 DC two in each stitch below (ch2 as first DC) sl st to complete round
Round 3: 36 DC done 2,1,2,1 alternately, sl st to complete round
Round 4: WORKED BLIND...from the back of the work so the bobbles are on the front
SC in first stitch doesn't matter which stitch you start in
Then do two trebles as a cluster in the next stitch and a sc in the next stitch....repeat the bobble and sc alternately until you complete the round with 18 bobbles sl st to complete the round
Round 5: Back to the front of the piece again for this round
3 DC (first DC is 3 chain) in one of the sc below this will be the first corner
then do SC in the next 5 stitches then repeat until you have 6 sides complete sl to finish the Hexagon
I then joined as l went using SC

An old post but still interesting I think?

MORNING..this is a post from 2010 I think...

 l picked up my Mum's very old 'Encyclopaedia of Needlework' the other day and looked at the crochet section...such a treasured book l think Mum said she had it as a 21st Birthday present..
hugs miss ya lots xx
Anyway back to the 'USE ONE STITCH'....
Using SC that's the American version.....hook though the st pull yarn though and then hook again and make the sc st.....
lots of variations to try and different stitches too but for now l thought l'd share this with you.....

First square is SC done as you would normally through the whole stitch
 pictures 2&3 are worked from the back so you are bit blind doing it.
But hooked ONLY into the back half of the a lovely knobbly texture
perfect for the centre of flowers or just a lovely chunky texture to a cushion or blanket even!

This next picture is still SC again done into the back half of the stitch only but done from left to right  oops thanks for pointing that one out CRAFTY PAM......right to left it should have read hehehe....only so it has a back and a front....both of which are lovely looking stitches
the top one being the closes to the normal st.
the bottom photo gives more of a slanting stripe almost like an embroidery st.
2ND OPTION..... if you work it continuously but still into the back of the st. only
you get a ribbed almost pleated look to the piece....fascinating really chunky ribbed sort of feel and look...
making every other row dominate and the other rows half hidden....

isn't it great and all from just the simplest of the crochet stitches?
Hope you do too?
Still more options with SC st but l might try 

Took 11 packs back and swapped them for same colours in the second yarn l ordered hehehe 

The 7packs l had to wait a couple of days for were so much softer and well worth the extra few pence
So l was allowed to change any packs l hadn't opened for the softer better quality yarn...wasn't that good......thanks Steve...l'll be back!

 Anyone wants any just let me know the colours are fabulous and it really is very soft and great quality and makes up beautifully
Buying in bulk it comes out @ £1.50 per 100grm ball plus P&P

Pity they don't do an Orange though..theirs is too bright even for me!! hehehe

First appointment with the plastic good far too expensive so more research needed
wood has been suggested but that would go moldy and warp mixed with steam oR water so it has got to be plastic if it's going to have any life span!!
watch this space and cross everything for me...pleeeeease.will track another plastics compant down sooner or later that can do the job for a good price
PROMISE hehehe

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Stylecraft Life new patterns Launched...

Fabulous Pictures of the new Life designs just launched....
I want that wood panelling it
3/4 of the way through the new book designs....light at the end of the tunnel.
click for the link
Anyone going to Ally Pally in October?.... 8th to the 12th October in London, if you pop in I'll be there with the Stylecraft Team on their fabulous stand
so say hello.
Happy Hooking all x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A quick hello again...

Still no time to blog properly, just a quick hello and thanks for all the support.
Second posting of Book 2 Design went off yesterday so half way with the projects and i'm on target so far.
The Stylecraft designs i did last year are selling well Iam told....all in
 My two favourites are these two patterns below, the teacosy and the pots and mats

I am also in the HOMESPUN MAGAZINE 
 a blanket I made for them earlier this year

The Homespun rug below

I've been using Rooster yarns for a couple of book projects...Almerino super soft and great to crochet with, along with Stylecraft Alpaca, Senses a mohair yarn, and more of the Classique Cotton too...all lovely yarns to crochet with.
Rooster yarns were only in Cheshire, not too far away so I popped in on route to Blackpool Breeze last weekend, and now I have already run out of the 4 balls of a whole pack is winging its way to my door.
Have fun, hugs to all xx

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Necklace from left over sock yarn...

Hi all, a lovely friend who is a fabulous sock maker made me a pair of black and white socks, thanks Sue love them.
 She sent me the left over yarn and as my black and white scarf, I wear with my black trousers and white top was in the wash and I needed something black and white to wear at my neckline.
 So while having a morning cuppa  yesterday, I made a new black and white necklace from the left overs, might add a few tiny seed beads to it at some point.
see what it looks like with beads, but for now i'm wearing it as it for me.
It looks totally different from the knitted socks.
Hugs to all x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Painting the bedroom Blue...

Bit of redecoration going on in the bedroom...seaside, costal, pale blue, aqua and the
palest sea green.
Used a new costal picture as inspiration.
 New wall quote, to remind me how precious TIME is...
 Dug out all the blue bedlinen I have, all went together quite well, then I feel asleep with a cuppa in my hand...oooops!
Me and everything else was soaked in a delicate shade of brown.
All in the wash, and it's a good job the sun is shining to get it all dry and back on the bed

 and of course there needed to be a touch of cotton crochet too...
A 22 white flower garland in the making to hang on the curtain rail,
Hugs to all xx

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I'm willing but the eyes aren't.....

Please remind me not to leave 21 pattern to write up and translate until the end will you?
Just the last 2 to do now but my head an eyes are struggling for today.
Another half made project to was a long scarf.
But when i tried it on this morning it sort of looked like a waistcoat.jacket front so i might continue on at a later date.
What do you think?
Don't you think it would make a great little waistcoat under a cardy or top coat, or even with sleeves as a jacket?
Made in rows of cross stitch, changing colour for every row and turning every row so the crosses line up easily.
Hope you are all enjoying the sun shine?
 I'm off to have a cuppa, sit in the sun and rest my eyes for an hour I think.
Hugs x