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Monday, 23 March 2015


click link for round 3 and colour chart
 Rounds 4 and 5 still to come...still time to join in
 fill-ins and border to come in two ore stages


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Shawl pattern

2 Strands of Stylecraft Life, Stylecraft Special DK and a 6mm hook is a range of colours to suit.
Crocus (ruffle)
Fern (just one row)
Zing (just one row)
ch 5 and sl st into a circle.
ROUND1:  ch3, 3dc, ch2, 4dc into the circle.weave in ends so you crochet over the top of them.
ROUND 2: ch3 and turn working back for this row only, as it is in the same colour, every round from then on is in a different colour and worked from right to left.
 3dc into the first dc of round 1, ch1, then do 3dc,ch2, 3dc into the ch2 space, ch1 then do 4dc in the
 space between the 3rd and last dc, cut, pull though the ends through the last st, weave in ends.

ROUND 3: attach new colour, ch3 and 3dc, all in the space between the first and
 second dc of round 2, ch1, 3dc (granny shell) in the next space, ch1,3dc, 2ch, 3dc in the point of the triangle, ch1, 3dc (granny shell) in the next space, ch1 4dc in the space between the 3rd and forth dc or round 2, cut and pull through the last st, and weave in ends.
Turn and repeat each round with granny shells in each space, ch 2 at the point of the triangle and 4dc at the beginning an end of each round.
For my shawl I did 34 rounds and then added the ruffled edging in the same colour as the last round of granny shells.
A narrow ruffled edging is made with a single round of multiple dc.....
Doing 3dc in every sts.and working across the straight edge, 5dc in the longer sts and 3dc in the single sts. sl st to complete the round.

There is a story behind this all started as a giant sun shield.
I knew it would give a lovely dappled reflection and shield from the sun....but when I hung it up it wasn't needed to be in all white or off white to go with the other sun canopy we have.
So it became a lovely snugly shawl with a ruffle edging.... 

and the sun shield was started again......
But that turned into something else also, triangle are just so versatile.

have fun x

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Chunky Monkey octagon throw Cal

YarnArt with Sue Pinner  a new free pattern and crochet along.
Link to site.
First part of pattern and colour pack details tomorrow

The Chunky Monkey Throw
The first part of the pattern will be added to the site this week and the packs of yarn can be bought from 
Loremar Yarns. Link to be added soon
Further details will be added to the YarnArt site through the week

Chunky Monkey Cal will be Similar but different to this throw
14 colours in a 3 round octagon with fill-ins, no holes

All direct links will be added asap
I'm just finalising the colours in the throw

Also a great way to use up all those ends of yarn that you don't know what to make with

I am also adding links to all free motif patterns this mont's theme is....
An under used shape, may be because it needs a fill-in motif or can have large holes, the nature of an 8 sided shape
Hope you will pop along and join up or take a peek
Happy Hooking 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Valentine's Rosebud and heart leaf pattern link

Valentine rosebud and heart leaf pattern for more pictures

Sue Pinner The Pattern for the hearts/leaves
These are tiny (1.5-2" top to bottom) but really really simple, U.S. Terms, aran weight, 5mm hook
Magic loop, ch 3, 8tr, ch3 8tr, ch3' sl St, into magic circle pull tight leave long ends start and finish to sew to what ever.
The smaller one was made the same but dc instead of tr.

The Rose bud pattern, as promised. And it is equally as simple as the heart leaf.
Aran weight yarn, 5mm hook.US Terms
Ch15, turn
2dc into second St from hook.
2dc in every following St.
1dc, 1 sc in last St, pull yarn through leave a long end.
Thread long end into darning needle or bodkin, roll the rosebud gently and sew the base of the Rosebud securely, only take a few stitches.
To make rosebud and leaf pin.....
make 2 leaves, leaving long ends tie two leaves together so they over lap a little, sew on a rosebud then add a pin to the back
How simple is that?

Let's see if this works

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