Sunday, 26 March 2017

KITCHEN REMODEL...and a bit of a night mare found

A couple of weeks ago i decided to go for a relatively simple removal of a wall and double doors to a second wall in my kitchen, a day to remove the ceiling a day to remove the wall...straight forward and all ok. 

What it uncovered was a dangerous night mare, our builder stood back shaking his head so i knew something was amiss...his team had found several slow leaks not visible from the kitchen ceiling before it was removed, rotten joists holding up our en suite, a floor you could poke your fingers through and very damp mouldy area and with the ceiling down the smell of mould and damp hit you . 

But....even worse when on the complete removed of the wall on the second day, we found dangerous wiring, live wires buried in plaster, no earths to lights and the wrong things on the wrong cables and circuit mixed together......ended up with no electricity, no boiler, no internet, nothing, emergency Electrician called and plumber, so we have a couple of working sockets and a boiler allowing us to use one bath  in the house until the insurance video team can get here Monday morning...

A few pictures...ITS GOING TO BE FABULOUS ONCE ITS DONE!!! Sorry I'm not around much but you can now see why....we can't move in the rest of the house for pilled up boxes of things and furniture from the kitchen and dining room.

Before the wall removal...

 box with a box...always said i would like it all knocked out into one big room....

2 Days later, no electricity no boiler and living in a dusty mess.....

 Mouldy rotten joists...the builder suggested we didn't enter the en suite above!! Insurance company called 

 rusting the extension we bought the house with the extension done..

it's going to be a fabulous family kitchen/diner when its finished.... just not been quite such a simple job after all....but glad we found all the problems and will be able to put them all right soon....we hope

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Wrap your Mum in love for Mothers day with a beautiful shawl, one or 2 examples for you to see that have been made since I released the pattern just before Christmas 
on 18th December 2016
Some happy Hookers have made 5,6 and 7 of them and gifted them to Grans, Mums, Aunts, Sisters, daughters, friends and charities

I'm truly amazed with all the beautiful shawls that have wrapped the world with love
from this post to the many that have been made so far

Thanks to all the fabulous Hookers who have given me permission to share their wonderful creations

This was a cal and is over a number of parts all links below

                                                                       YARN SAMPLING HERE

                                                                                PART 1 HERE

                                                                                PART 2 HERE

                                                                                PART 3 HERE

                                                                                PART 4 HERE

                                                                           PART 5 AND 6 HERE

                                                                         PART 7, 8 AND 9 HERE

                                                                               PART 10 HERE

Huge Thanks to all who have made and enjoyed the pattern and allowed me to share their fabulous creations from my Angel Wings Pattern

I will be doing a workshop at Kate's new shop on 29th April i anyone is interested contact Kate

Yvonne O'Regan has made 3 already

Margaret Dabb made 2

Lisa Lingoes made one for her Mum in Law and a second one not sure who for 

Irene Chong made 2 

Helen Sampson also made 2

Helen Bamford also made 2

Michelle L Moshey also made 2

Rosie JM all so made 2

Ealasaid Cromack-Davies...has made a few!

Carol Singer also made 2

WOW! THAT WAS A MAMOUTH TASK...and i know there are more to come over the months to come...would your Mum love one for Mothers day?
Get your Hook out then plenty of time to make a hug from the Angels